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Janghyun Kim kimjanghyun84 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 10 12:57:18 PDT 2013

Dear Di,

not sure whether you are following this step,
but to remind who is having trouble with using google sketchup,

1. you should always use (to open and save) .idf file instead of using .skp
2. and if the model includes multizones, you should run the "surface
matching" (or manually modify) to properly connect adjacent surfaces before
you import the file in the studio.

2013년 6월 10일 월요일에 d s님이 작성:

> Hi,
> I'm a new user of trnsys. There are several errors when I was using trnsys
> 3d in sketchup and trying to import the file into simulation studio.
> TRN3d seems to work well when I create a file for the first time, somehow
> when I close the file and open it the second time, I can't add new zones in
> it and can't modify the old ones neither. The new one is in black and white
> instead of the yellow color, which I think is not considered as a TRNSYS
> zone; and for the former built zones, I can't draw windows on it and some
> walls and windows has no TRNSYS object information.
> Sometime when I open it again, the file copies some parts of the building
> itself....
> Also, when I try to import 3d model into simulation studio, errors pop up
> that says"adjacent wall not found" or "adjacent window not found" or
> "undefined window/wall adjacent", and "cannot open BUI file for building
> description by this component (given in external files tab), please open a
> bui file or cancel (to attach the file later)".
> Is there anyone that can help me with those problems?
> Thanks!
> Best,
> Di
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