[TRNSYS-users] Solar protection modelization

Thibaut VITTE thibaut.vitte at h3c-energies.fr
Tue Jun 11 03:01:54 PDT 2013

Dear Trnsys users,

I am facing a problem, and cannot decide which method should be used to 
solve it.
The problem, in itself is very simple:
How do you take into account the solar gains for a building with this 
type of solar protection :


It's a textile at about 1 meter from the facade. My building is 
different: the textile covers almost entirely the facade, except for 
several windows reserved for firefighters access. This textile is semi 

Here my questions:
1/ Does this textile should be taken into account for solar gains' walls ?
2/ Is a simple solar factor sufficient? Tha fact that it's about 1 m 
from the facade does not interfer?
3/ How to take into account the openings in the textile in front of 
several windows?

I was thinking of creating a solar mask element in 3d with Tnrsys 17. 
But this mask, as far as I know is opaque...
This building has very low heating needs, so the way we take solar gains 
is very important...

Thanks in advance.


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