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The model for the absorption chiller can be rather confusing at first. The
chilled water temperature will not necessarily change if there is available
energy to chill the water flow down to the set-point temperature with the
standard model. I recommend reading and understanding the mathematical model
and Fortran code behind it. Then set up a test studio file using forcing
function TYPE 14 to vary the inlet conditions in a controlled manner to
fully understand its operation. If you are using manuacturer's catalog data
for the performance curve, be very careful on the generation of these files
to make sure that it suits the working of the Fotran - unfortunately, some
data doesn't suit very well the available chiller data and the model code
should be edited and recompiled. The cooling water circuit also should be


On a side note, I recommend using pipes in between the components. This will
assist with stability of the simulation and account for thermal losses.  


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I am a TRNSYS 17 user,I am trying to simulate an absorption chiller, I
connected it to a storage tank and then to a solar collector using pumps in
between, and I connected the solar collector to weather data. On the other
hand, I connected the chiller to a fan coil..

My problem is that the chiller is not responding to the change in the inlet
hot temperature and it is giving the same chilled water temperature even if
the inlet hot water temperature is changing. What is the solution of my

thank you

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