[TRNSYS-users] Definition of Type 34 Receiver

Rudai Shan rdshan at umich.edu
Mon Jun 24 21:35:21 PDT 2013

Dear All Trnsys users,

I'm doing simulation for a window with grid shading. The height of the
window is 1.2 m and the width of the window is 1.8 m. The grid shading
divided the window into 8 parts, each part is 0.45 m width and 0.6 m
height. The depth of the shading is 0.1 m. In type 56 I could only input
the window area. In type 34 I can input the projection of the overhang and
fin, both are 0.1 m. I think the receiver means the window area for each
divided part in my case, so I input 0.45 m for the width and 0.6 m for the
height. Could anybody tell me this is correct or wrong?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Best regards,
Rudai Shan

PhD student,
TCAUP, University of Michigan
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