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   We do this quite often using the GenOpt/TRNSYS coupling called TRNOpt 
(the TESS Optimization Library) for parameters that are not contained in 
the *.b17. What we typically do is use a Type9 to read the measured 
inlet and outlet conditions. The measured inlet conditions are used as 
the driving force for other TRNSYS models (flow rates, temperatures, 
etc.). The ojective function is as you suggest; the difference between 
the the simulated and measured results. Sometimes we use a function that 
only looks at the difference when the system is on (pumps are active). 
Sometimes, we define the objective function so that the difference 
between integrated results is minimized. It is also very important to 
keep the parameter identification as simple as possible by looking at 
individual pieces of a system (such as identifying the best fit heat 
exchanger effectiveness) and then building the whole system model from 
the calibrated pieces. If the parameter identification is being done on 
too complicated a system then there are often too many variables that 
affect the performance.
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On 6/26/2013 03:42, Gossard, Didier wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to find parameter values (like interior/exterior convective 
> coefficients, thermal conductivities for instance) that make the model 
> calculated by TRNSYS (actually a multizonal building with Type 56) 
> most closely to measured data. This is the well-known problem called 
> "parameter identification".
> Does someone know tools developed under TRNSYS environment (a type 
> ?)that can perform parameter identification ?
> Initially, I wanted to do it by coupling GenOpt and TRNSYS, but it is 
> a tough solution (particularly, defining the objective function based 
> on the difference between model results and measured data to minimize 
> is difficult).
> Best regards,
> Didier GOSSARD.
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