[TRNSYS-users] Request fir assistance with Solar economics

Andrew Oyieke (213571041) 213571041 at stuukznac.onmicrosoft.com
Mon Jul 14 03:10:31 PDT 2014

I'm trying to do economic evaluation of a solar PV/T system but finding problems with the use of Type 582. It is operated in 2 modes and i prefer mode 2 which gives a detailed life cycle cash flow analysis.
1) how do i incorporate/connect this type in my project?
2) what parameters do i need to specify because It is giving me the following error message
        "The current unit has specified more parameters than required: Report information: 9 parameters are required and 27 parameters were specified"
How can i go about this? Does anyone  have an example on the use of this type which i can use as a guide? if there is, Kindly send it to me so that i can learn from it. Thank you as i wait to here from you soonest.


University of KwazuluNatal
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