[TRNSYS-users] User-defined type in TRNSYS17 not found in dll

Henk Stijnen Stijnen at dwa.nl
Tue Jul 22 08:29:12 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I've made some user-defined types in trnsys 16.1. The compiled C++ code is stored in MyType.dll. All OK.

Now I'm trying to use the types in trnsys 17 and I get error that the type is not found. The system found the dll but not the type.
In the log file I see the message: "MyType.dll was found but did not contain any components form the input file"

Very strange is that when I use TrnSys17Demo all works OK!!

What can be at hand?

Thanks for help and suggestions

Regards, Henk

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