[TRNSYS-users] Energy removed Tank Type 60

Martin Berov martber88 at gmail.com
Sat May 3 03:23:48 PDT 2014

Hi to all,

I need opinion about a calculation: I have a tank Type 60 which is heated
with solar collectors(heat exchanger) and it's outlet is in serial
connected to auxiliary heater used to drive adsorption chiller. The return
of the chiller is sent either in the tank or  again directly to the
aux.heater depending from the temperature etc...
Since I want to calculate the solar fraction I need the amount of energy
removed from the tank so do you think than I only need the output "Energy
removed from the outlet" or I need the difference between the "Energy
removed from the outlet - Energy supplied from the inlet" - since if I use
this difference I never reach the required heat energy - For example having
adsorption chiller with 5 kW cooling power even with aux heater of 30 kW
and flow rate of 5000 kg/h I have hot energy lower than the required?
I also use the heat, cooling and chilled energy in the control strategy

What do you think?

Kind regards
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