[TRNSYS-users] Pump mass (over)flow problem

Angel Carrera angel.carrera at aiguasol.coop
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I guess there is nothing wrong with your project; you just get a warning
from the type that informs you that the flow in at least one time step
through the pipe is greater than the volume of fluid it can hold. That's
just information, an advice to remember you that you shouldn't model an
hydraulic loop where the flowing fluid in one time step is greater than the
volume it can hold. The fact that your controller is not stuck seems to
indicate that you are not in this situation, maybe thanks to other
components in the same loop. In your case I will not be worried, best


2014-05-06 13:33 GMT+02:00 Barto Pene <mdeodbuf1 at gmail.com>:

> Dear users,
> In my simulation I get warning message "The pipe model has reported that
> the flow through the pipe during at least one of the timesteps was greater
> than the capacity of the pipe..." and second is the "The controller was
> stuck for 0% of the time" - all of this refers to a solar collector system
> where I have 12 m2 vacuum tube collectors and circulating pump (Type 114
> and Controler 2b) with flow rate 400 kg/h(which I think than is not too
> much to be a reason for this overflow problem). connected to a HX of tank
> 60d with volume of 1m3.
> What do you think that could be the problem?
> Thank you
> Kind regards
> Barto
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