[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS 17- Range check error after saving building project

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
Tue May 20 08:39:36 PDT 2014

   A range check error is a very generic Fortran message for an error 
that wasn't cleanly caught in the code. For example if the argument to a 
LOG() function is not checked to make sure that it is positive then you 
might get a range check error when Fortran tries to execute the LOG() 
function. The first thing to try is to switch TRNSYS into it's "debug" 
mode. The switch can be found in the Simulation Studio control cards 
(where you set the start and stop time). This does some extra error 
checking and might give you a bit more of a hint about what is going on. 
However, you will probably need to send your question in to your 
distributor's hotline for assistance in debugging.

On 5/20/2014 08:40, Philip wrote:
> Dear All,
> once I open and then save a validated and well working building model 
> created on another PC I can not run the simulation anymore:
> I receive a "*Range check error*"!
> The building was created with the same TRNSYS version (17.01.0028) 
> that I am using, the only difference is that I have a 32bit system and 
> the building was created on a 64bit machine.
> Is this a known issue?
> Is there a solution so that I can modify the building myself?
> Thanks a lot for your efforts!!!
> Best,
> Philip
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