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Dear All,
I would like to post this link to provide a source of discussion pertaining to IES <VE> software. Being fairly new to the energy modeling career, I am trying to stay on the front end of energy modeling software. I have been in the energy modeling field for 2 years currently working with Trane TRACE 700 and eQUEST, with successful LEED submittals with both programs. However, throughout this time period I have run into roadblocks that require a workaround solution, which led me to look for a more advanced energy modeling program. My most recent issue is the modeling of chilled beams, and the restrictions in TRACE and eQUEST.
IES <VE> is the software package that initially stood above the rest throughout my research. I downloaded the 30-day trial version in order to test the software, and the energy modeling potential seems endless with the APACHEHVAC and MODELIT. Before I dig deeper into this software, I am looking to get an opinion from fellow professionals who have experience with the software. Please see below for an outline of topics that I am skeptical about with switching to a new modeling software.

*         Load Calcs - Accurate load calculation results

*         Ease of creating building model - From my initial analysis of the software, it appears to be extremely easy to import a .dxf file to trace out with the MODELIT software. In addition, I tested importing a gbxml file, this was more difficult in regards to the fact the architectural model was not fully complete.

*         APACHE HVAC - In comparison to other software programs this appears to be more powerful in the sense that you can modify select components of the system and the program will provide a visual representation of the system.

*         Modeling Outputs - Due to time constraints I have not completed a model to a place where I am able to to produce the output reports. Any information on the layout and types of reports available would be appreciated.

The main purpose of this post is to determine if the initial investment in the program will provide a payback by means of reducing hours while simultaneously increasing accuracy of the project.

Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Dan Kaler EIT
Energy Engineer

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