Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to the mailing lists?

To subscribe to the BLDG-SIM, eQUEST-users, HAP-users, TRACE-users or Virtual-Sim mailing lists, send a blank email to:

bldg-sim-subscribe at onebuilding dot org
equest-users-subscribe at onebuilding dot org
hap-users-subscribe at onebuilding dot org
trace-users-subscribe at onebuilding dot org
virtual-sim-subscribe at onebuilding dot org

In addition we have a mailing list for building performance rating systems:

bldg-rate-subscribe at onebuilding dot org

You can also subscribe to these lists from the web site. In addition,links to mailing lists for some ASHRAE committees and USA chapter of IBPSA are available at the site.

What are the guidelines for posting the mailing lists?

How do I get eQUEST?

Download it from the site

Where is the eQUEST help desk?

There are a few major sources of technical support for eQUEST

  1. Within eQUEST, try to right-click any input field to pull up a (hopefully) relevant DOE2/eQUEST help file article.
  2. Check out the mailing list archives for [bldg-sim] and [equest-users] (links below).
  3. Sign up for, and begin asking questions on these mailing lists. The body of developers, academics, and practicing end-users represented at this community are the single most powerful source of knowledge you will find outside of formal training.
  4. Check out this new wiki!

Where can I get weather files?

Many weather files are available from

Does eQUEST take into account the width of internal partitions?

How will actual building energy cost compare to the modeled energy cost?

Why does eQUEST crash when I rotate my model in 3D geometry view?

How do you convert an exterior surface to an interior surface in eQUEST?

What is the difference between "Source Energy" and "Site Energy"?

How can I calculate the hours of heating / cooling load not met?

What are the other wikis related to energy simulation?

What guides and reports may be useful?

Can I read the reminder that is sent to the mailing lists?

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