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Yuvaraj Saravanan Yuvaraj.Saravanan at arup.com
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Hi All,
I am trying to do an energy modeling using ASHRAE 90.1 performance
rating method for a building in Mexico City, Mexico. I am trying to
figure out where Mexico City would fall under for the climate zone.
Table B-3 tells me the Zone number but it does not tell me the Climate
Type (A, B or C). So, I followed the Table B-4. This does not classify
between A or B for zone 3 based on the degree days. I also went through
Appendix B2 (Major climate type definitions) page 109. I was able to
climate that it is not Climate Zone type C. But in order to verify
whether I am in B, I need to know the annual precipitation. Where do I
get this value from? Will it be in ASHRAE or any other standards? I
searched in the website and I am getting different values for Mexico
city precipitation. Depending on this I would either fall in A or B.
Would like to follow some standards rather than searching in the

I am writing this story because I need to figure out whether my baseline
would require an economizer or not. Zone-3A does not require an
economizer where as Zone-3B does. 

Any guidance will be appreciated.

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