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we were asked to check the requirements for LEED NC EA P2 “Minimal Energy performance” for a building in Berlin, Germany. The requirement “Vertical Fenestration Area” of the ASHRAE 90.1 code says that the total vertical fenestration area shall be less than 50% of the gross wall area, section 5.2.1 even says that 50% vertical fenestration area shall not be exceeded for each space conditioning category.


Although we are aware that smaller windows are better for the buildings energy balance, this “simple” requirement was much discussed between us, as it would easily disqualify many modern buildings to comply with LEED requirements and even with the ASHRAE Standard. ASHRAE alone would allow using the trade-off path, however LEED requirements (Version NC 2.2) demand compliance with section 5.5 of the ASHRAE Standard alone and does not allow the trade-off option to be used.- Do I read the code correctly, or is there a way to achieve LEED certification for buildings with a fenestration area larger than 50%?  


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