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Jason -
Thanks for putting this list together.  I am in the process of writing a
Residential Ventilation book for McGraw-Hill and would love input.
ASHRAE's Green Guide and their general focus is commercial green.  There
isn't much support for residential.  I am a member of the ASHRAE 62.2
committee, member of the LEED TASC on IAQ, member of the TASC for the
NAHB Green Building Standard on IAQ and Water, and Chair of the IAQ
Committee for the Home Ventilating Institute.
There is a great deal of bad information floating around out there about
the meaning of ASHRAE 62.2 especially with states like California
adopting it.  There is some information available on the relationship
between ventilation and low level pollutants, but not enough to
demonstrate to mainstream builders that they should think about it and
learn about it.
Input, thoughts, ideas would be welcomed.

Paul Raymer
Chief Investigator
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Welcome Everyone!

About 160 people have subscribed so far to the BLDG-RATE 
mailing list since my announcements last week.

I announced the start of the mailing list to:

  bldg-sim at onebuilding.org
  tc28-l at onebuilding.org
  sbse at uidaho.edu
  coteforum at lyris.aia.org
  biggreen at lists.biggreen.org
  greenbuilding at listserv.repp.org

If you know of any other mailing lists, forums, blogs, etc., 
  that might have people that would be interested in 
building performance rating, please let me know.

To get things started here is a little background on me. I 
run the onebuilding.org web site and mailing lists and 
started the BLDG-SIM mailing list in March 1999. I have been 
a member of the ASHRAE 90.1 committee forever (it seems) and 
now chair the Energy Cost Budget subcommittee. I led an 
ASHRAE research project titled "Evaluation of Building 
Energy Performance Rating Protocols 1286-RP" which looked at 

I think we have enough people on this list to have a good 
discussion so what questions about building performance 
rating do you have?

It also might help to understand what expertise in building 
performance rating systems we have on the list so if some of 
you want to introduce yourselves, feel free.


Jason Glazer, P.E., GARD Analytics, 90.1 ECB chair
Admin for onebuilding.org building performance mailing lists

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