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Thank you for your response. Yes I agree that Reference Guide lists answers of 3.08% on page 191 and 3.1 % on 201. However when you plug in the numerical values into page 191 equation, result is actually 2.99%. The two equations are different and yield different results, but the Reference Guide lists same answer.

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I think your reference guide edition may be out of date, mine has 3.08% (rounded to 3.1% in EAC2) in both locations using your second example as the basis.

The example in your reference guide must have incorrectly used $88,308 as the total energy cost instead of $85,669.  This seems to be corrected now.


David S. Eldridge, Jr., P.E., LEED AP BD+C, BEMP, HBDP
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Question about EAc2 On-Site Renewable Energy:

The v2.2 Reference Guide indicates:

In EAc1 example on page 191
Percent Renewable = Site-Generated Renewable/(Proposed Building Performance + Site-Generated Renewable)
3.0% = $2,639/$88,308

In EAc2 text in top right section of page 201
Percent Renewable = Site-Generated Renewable/Proposed Building Performance
3.1% = $2,639/$85,669

The value indicated in both places is 3.08 or 3.1%. However, when you plug in values for EAc1 example, result is 3.0%, which agrees with the example entered into a EAc2 Template.

Has anyone investigated this discrepancy with USGBC or GBCI?

Mark Zoeteman, FTC&H

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