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Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to inform you that full papers are being accepted for review until 
September 29, 2014 for the CIB-MENA International Conference on "Smart Sustainable and Healthy Cities", which will be held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, December 14-16, 2014. 

The CIB-MENA conference web site is www.adu.ac.ae/cibmena. Here you can find the complete paper topics, abstract guidelines and submission directions. 

The conference is being jointly organized by Abu Dhabi University (ADU) and The International Council for Research and
Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB).

The important dates for the conference are: 
            Full paper submission                                            Monday, 29 Sept 2014 
Notification of full paper acceptance                        Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
Camera-ready (revised) paper submission                Monday, 10 Nov 2014
Conference starts                                                  Sunday,
14 December 2014
Conference ens                                                    Tuesday,
16 December 2014

Smart, Sustainable and Healthy Cities
International Conference of 
CIB Middle East and North Africa Research Network 
Dhabi University, UAE
14-16 December
cib-mena2014 at adu.ac.ae
Cities in the
Middle East and North Africa, like cities in other parts of the world, are
experiencing an unprecedented wave of urbanization.  This urbanization is
forecast to continue and intensify in the next decades.  Many old cities
are mushrooming to incomprehensible sizes and are forecast to approach or
exceed 40 million people in the coming decade.  In other cases instant
cities have emerged and developed from wilderness to full urban status within a
single generation.
This rapid
development poses a great challenge for all those involved in the design,
planning, construction, and management of the built environment in order to
provide sustainable, livable, equitable, and viable cities for all people. 
These challenges are so diverse and range from retrofitting existing building
stock and infrastructure to the design and construction of new developments.
They are also so diverse that they requires innovative interventions at
different levels starting from urban and infra-structure planning on one end of
the scale to interior design and material science on the other end of the scale
with many other levels in-between including architecture, civil engineering,
urban design, and landscape architecture.  The challenges are also so
diverse that sustaining cities will not be possible without interdisciplinary
efforts. Decision makers will need to involve multidisciplinary teams of
planners, architects, engineers, environmentalists, scientists and economists to
sustain the growth of these centers that are shaped by global factors, and
aspire to retain local identities.  This
conference will provide an excellent opportunity for everyone involved in the
design, planning, construction, and management of the built environment to
share  international best practices,
experiences, technologies, and policies applicable, and offering solutions to
the challenges of cities in the 21st century.
of Interest:
The conference
encourages submission of papers on topics including but not limited to the
·         Mixed-use Urban Development.
·         Urban Sprawl and Density Optimization.
·         Rehabilitation of Damaged Sites.
·         Public Transportation.
·         Low Energy Transportation.
·         Mitigation of Heat Island Effect.
·         City Climate.
·         Building Codes and Regulations.
·         Spatial Planning and Infrastructure Development.
·         Urban Resilience.
·         Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Sustainability
·         Construction management and organization
·         Lean Construction.
·         Construction Procurement
·         Construction Business Management
·         E-business in construction
·         International Construction
·         Construction Innovation and Management
·         Health and Safety
·         Construction Education 
·         Construction Industry Development
·           Design Management and Integration
·         Design and Management of Critical Infrastructure.
·           Facility Management
Energy/Water Efficiency
·         Commissioning of Building Energy Systems.
·         Optimization of Energy Performance.
·         Refrigerant Management.
·         Building Integrated Renewable Energy.
·         On-site Renewable Energy.
·         Offsite Renewable Energy.
·         Monitoring Energy Consumption of Building.
·         Water Efficiency in Buildings and Landscape Ecology
·         Habitat Protection and Restoration.
·         Water, Air, Soil, Light Pollution Reduction.
·         Construction Activity Pollution Prevention.
Waste Management
·         Stormwater Management.
·         Wastewater Management.
·         Waste Management
·         Construction Waste Management.
Building Materials and Components
·         Rehabilitation, Reuse, Remanufacturing and Recycling in the Construction Industry.
·         Embodied Energy of Building Materials.
·         Building Materials Stewardship and Environmental Certification.
Human Comfort and Health Issues
·         Livable Cities
·         Thermal Comfort.
·         Visual Comfort.
·         Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality.
·         Passive Design Strategies.
·         Natural and Mechanical Ventilation.
Assessment Methodologies
·         Post Occupancy Evaluation.
·         Environmental Impact Assessment.
·         Life Cycle Assessment.
·         Ranking Systems.
Economics of Sustainability
·         Business Case for Sustainable Design.
·         Greenwashing in the Construction Industry.
·         Incentives as a driver of Sustainability.
·         Affordability and Sustainability.
Information Technology
·         Intelligent and Responsive Buildings
·         Smart and Sustainable Built Environment 
·         Building Information Modeling  
Two types of
papers could be submitted: papers that describe well-developed or completed
research (max 7000 words, or 16 pages of our template) and short papers that
describe research in progress (max 3000 words, or 7 pages of our template).
Abstract submission must be in English with no more than 500 words. Submissions
should be sent in Word Document Format DOCX or Rich Text Format RTF.  All Submitted papers will be reviewed by a
double-blind (at least three reviewers) review by members of the International
Scientific Committee. This will support the selection process of those that
will be accepted for their presentation at the conference and publication in
the book of proceedings.
Dates            Full paper submission                                            Monday, 29 Sept 2014 
Notification of full paper acceptance                        Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
Camera-ready (revised) paper submission                Monday, 10 Nov 2014
Conference starts                                                  Sunday,
14 December 2014
Conference ens                                                    Tuesday,
16 December 2014
The conference will
conduct a technical trip.  Buses will
take participants through the city to give an opportunity of seeing the rapid
urban development of Abu Dhabi city at firsthand. Starting from Qasr Al Hosn, the oldest stone building in the city (1793), the visit will proceed to the
most recent major projects in Abu Dhabi, including Masdar City, one of the
first experimental sustainable cities of the 21st century, The Central Souq, Manaret Al
Sadeyat, Yas Island, Ferrari World, The Capital Gate Tower and Al Bahr Towers
and The Grand Mosque.

On behalf of the CIB-MENA2014 organizing committee
Prof. Ahmad Okeil
Ahmad Okeil, PhD
Professor of Architecture and
College of Engineering
Abu Dhabi University
P. O. Box 59911
Abu Dhabi, UAE
email: ahmad.okeil at adu.ac.ae 
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