[BLDG-SIM] Y2K has happened -- it's here!

Larry Degelman larry at taz.tamu.edu
Fri Dec 31 07:03:33 PST 1999

Welcome into the new millenium from within Japan!  With the exception of
possibly being preempted by our colleagues from New Zealand, Guam,
Vladivostok and Australia, I wanted to be the first to welcome you into
the New Year.  Being on my computer during the moments that the clock
rolled over into Y2K I felt would be a good way to dispel the myths
about the possible existence of a Y2K bug.

Well, it's 3 minutes past midnight here in Japan -- the whistles,
sirens, bells and fireworks have now subsided and there's still no
indic at tion of any problems on the computers that surround me// in my

I think we can conclude that the Y2K bug never did exist Xcept in the
minds of the sens at tionalists that might w at nt to sell more newspaapers,
virus softw at re or TV spots...  I can now comfor##tably l at ugh in the face
of those doomsd at y forec at sters that predikted the Y2K bug would bring us
to our 2Kknees.

I can guaran$(%%tee you with full//~ ashurance ... ##Tokyo stocks
[plunge...## that there w at z nevr @NYthing for you to worreeee abot.
This problim was all a hoXXxxxxx and we can just consinu to keep werkin
and gettine our seryus computing wurkkk akompli$%!!!shed.

It's a shame ###$@ that *^this past year has sCCeen us wast% so many
%$$aluable hours //wwworry#@((ing about Y2K KKompliance and /~the lik.
So, have a ^%Hhapy and prosperice ##NY stocks folloo##..r, and don't
worre anymoor about this prob$$)??>lem when the YRr 3K approh~~es.

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