[BLDG-SIM] "Open Period" for ScienceWise Alert Referrals

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Wed Dec 1 08:19:23 PST 1999

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Bill Seaton

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From: ScienceWise Alert [mailto:info at zappa.fie.com] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 3:29 PM
To: bseaton at ashrae.org
Subject: "Open Period" for ScienceWise Alert Referrals 

Dear William W. Seaton,

Back in October we allowed you to refer others to 
ScienceWise Alert (formerly U.S. Opportunity Alert)
so that they could receive the service for free through
May 2000. Thanks to you, over 9,000 more of your 
colleagues are now receiving free research funding 

Because of that wonderful response, we are once again
allowing any of your colleagues that you refer to the
service to receive it absolutely free through May 2000.
However, your colleagues must register by Wednesday, 
December 7th. That is just one week away, so be sure to 
let them know right now. Simply forward them the link 


Remember, we are NOT automatically charging at the end 
of this period, so the service truly is free during 
this time for you and your colleagues.


Adam Waugh
ScienceWise Alert

P.S.  Please let us know anytime your email address changes.


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