[BLDG-SIM] DOE2 complex walls

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Wed Jun 30 09:49:14 PDT 1999

Dear List

In France we have a hollow brick blocks that are used for wall
The brick block can be up to 37,5 cm or wider and have 19 voids ie 20
walls of brick each 9-10mm wide.The cross walls are offset to reduce
thermal bridging so at no point even on the ends are there continuos
cross walls. 
This has been tested by the CSTB and wall value including plaster inside
and outside of  u (k) value 0,46W/m2.K established. I want to take into
account the thermal mass effect with the DOE2 program so do not want to
specify just by its k value but instead by its properties/layers. With
such a thermally complex form to simply specify it as 39 layers would
not be correct.

Your comments on how to model this type of wall will be most
eco-tecture, baubiologie & permaculture
email:	mailto:oikosfr at aol.com

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