[BLDG-SIM] A suggestion: When responding to questions, how about including some company, type of work info, etc.?

Bob Ramirez bob at rer.com
Thu Jun 3 09:10:34 PDT 1999

I think it would be really useful for people asking and responding to
questions to provide at the end of their messages their company name, the
type of work they do, and their personal title.  For instance, I thought the
most recently posted question RE: Statistical Estimate of Number of Units ON
(peak kW) and answers to that question were very interesting, but it would
be even more interesting to me to know the environment (company name, what
type of work they do, persons title if relevant) in which the work mentioned
in the responses was done.  Just a suggestion.

Bob Ramirez
Senior Engineer 
Company: Regional Economic Research, Inc.
Location: San Diego, CA
Type of work: Energy Consultants (see www.rer.com for detailed description)
BldgSimSoftware: DOE-2.1, DOE-2.2, Coolaid, Comtech

Bob Ramírez (bobram at rer.com or bob at rer.com)

Regional Economic Research, Inc.             http://www.rer.com
11236 El Camino Real #A, San Diego, CA 92130
Phone: 619.481.0081 ext. 427
FAX: 619.481.7550

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