[BLDG-SIM] A suggestion and Peak kW: my title, etc.

BKoran at aol.com BKoran at aol.com
Thu Jun 3 10:12:19 PDT 1999

I posted the question regarding a statistical estimate of peak kW.  I'll 
reply to some of the responses, but first, in response to the suggestion for 
info about posters:

Name:  Bill Koran (William E. Koran, PE if you want formalities)
Company: Honeywell Inc.
Title:  Performance Contracting Engineer
Work:  Mix of pre-retrofit energy analysis, post-retrofit M&V, and 
commissioning existing systems.
Time with Honeywell:  5 years
Prior Company: Portland Energy Conservation Inc.
Time with PECI: 5 years
Work:  Research-level DOE-2 modeling for BPA demonstration project, plus a 
little commissioning.  (I presented several papers on DOE-2 calibration and 1 
on building commissioning during my time with PECI-- at ASHRAE, BTECC, ACEEE, 
and NCBC.)
Prior Company:  Allied Signal Aerospace Company (AiResearch Mfg. Co.)
Time with AiResearch:  12 years
Work: Sizing and estimating the energy use of aircraft and spacecraft 
environmental control (HVAC) systems.

Regarding the post about peak kW estimates:  I am already estimating the kW 
of an individual unit based upon weather, schedules, etc.  The challenge is, 
for cycling or unloading equipment, to estimate a monthly aggregated peak kW 
for a number of units.  I believe this is a statistical problem, but 
regardless, my curiosity is how other people and software estimate this kW.  
It clearly can be a significant component of energy cost, and I'm still 
unclear as to whether it is well estimated, even for an average cost over a 
several year time period.

I am enjoying the responses, though.


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