[BLDG-SIM] refrigeration modeling (PowerDOE)

Alec Stevens alecstevens at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 24 14:20:43 PST 2000

hopefully this question will be a little more challenging than the one I sent about electric meters - I figured out the answer to that one about 2 minutes after sending the question. 

I am trying to model supermarket refrigeration.
The store has three separate compressor rack systems, and 4 packaged single zone units.  I am planning to assign one compressor rack to each of three of the four PSZ units.  Two of the rack systems have multiple suction temperatures, so I will specify the evaporator capacity and EER at each temperature.  

The area that I need a little assistance with is the performance curves.  Does PowerDOE assume that the compressors' kW is the evaporator capacity divided by the EER?  Does it then multiply this kW by the output of the curve fits for compressor kW as a function of condensing temperature and part load ratio?  What factors determine part load ratio for the compressors?

How do you specify interaction between the refrigeration cases and the conditioned space in the store?  (The cooling effect that the cases have in the space, and the effect of space humidity and temperature on the case load)  


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