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Peter Vogelsanger peter.vogelsanger at solarenergy.ch
Thu Nov 9 08:53:21 PST 2000


My experience with Meteonorm is that you have to be careful with what it
does. I do not recommend to generate radiation data on tilted surfaces
with Meteonorm, because if have found tremendous differences to real
weather data. 

If the site you are interested in is a weather station (according to
Meteonorm), (In Version 4.0 Buenos Aires is a Meteonorm weather station)
and if you have to rely on only the most elementary quantities (e.g.
horizontal radiation, and ambient temperature), Meteonorm should yield
good results. But even in that case, differences to locally produced
reference years have been reported. Therefore, if ever you have a chance
to double check the data produced by Meteonorm, it is wise to do so. 

The hourly data generated by Meteonorm represents "typical averages" not
"typical extremes". You would have to inquire with Meteotest to find out
to what extent their format is comparable to the ones you mentioned.

A discussion in this forum about Meteonorm is appreciated. The weather
data is the basis of our work and if you think meteorologists should be
more aware of that too, you may give your input at 

(There is a dash after www, not a dot.)

For those interested in European weather data this might be an
interesting site anyway. 


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