[BLDG-SIM] Projects Ready For Bidding

Seaton, Bill bseaton at ASHRAE.org
Fri Nov 10 08:24:51 PST 2000

	At this time each year, ASHRAE normally adds several
requests-for-proposal  (RFP) to its web-site.  This year, the RFPs
available for bid are limited to the five placed on the web-site in
September.  For a few days last week, several additional 	projects
were listed in error.  If you saw or downloaded any but the five projects
listed below, please disregard them.

	ASHRAE will be accepting proposals only on the following projects:

	1182-TRP,  Field Testing and Analysis of High-Altitude Installation
of Gas-Fired Furnaces

	1191-TRP,  Control of Diesel Exhaust Fumes in Enclosed Locomotive

	1203-TRP,  Tenability and Open Doors in Pressurized Stairwells

	1205-TRP,  Water-side Fouling Inside Smooth and Augmented Copper
Alloy Condenser Tubes in Cooling Tower Water

	1207-TRP,  In-Tube Condensation of Ammonia in Smooth and Enhanced
Tubes With and Without Miscible Oil

	To read and download these RFPs, go to the ASHRAE web-site at
"www.ashrae.org", click on "Research" and then on 	"Research Projects
Ready to Bid".

	William W. Seaton
	Manager of Research
	ASHRAE, Inc.              e-mail:   bseaton at ashrae.org
	1791 Tullie Circle          Phone:   404-636-8400
	Atlanta, GA 30329        Fax:       404-321-5478

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