[BLDG-SIM] PowerDOE question

IEC iecc at vt.edu
Mon Nov 27 11:02:32 PST 2000

I am currently working on a simple building which requires about 78 tons of
cooling (according to PowerDOE) using the actual equipment.  There are two
systems (50-ton rooftop units).  I am interested especially in the cooling
load and how some factors effect the output.  If I change the capacity on
the equipment to 80 tons, I would expect no change in the cooling coil
output (system coil).  However, I get a change proportional (maybe not quite
proportional) to the equipment size change in only one of the systems.  This
also occurs if the capacity is increased.  The other system is practically
constant (until the capacity is insufficient).  The systems are specified
identically with the exception that one that changes has some unconditioned
zones and exhaust for bathrooms.  Has anyone had a similar problem?  I would
appreciate any input.  Thanks.

Morgan Stewart
iecc at vt.edu

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