[BLDG-SIM] Building Simulation Educators

Drury.Crawley at ee.doe.gov Drury.Crawley at ee.doe.gov
Wed Sep 6 15:01:28 PDT 2000

Calling all simulation educators:

DOE is seeking input from simulation educators that currently
teach building simulation using DOE-2, BLAST or other simulation
programs to assist in planning and developing curricula for
teaching building simulation in university classrooms. The
curricula would present basic simulation methodologies and
abstraction techniques and would be suitable for teaching either
as a one or two semester course in engineering or architecture
schools.  The curricula would be publicly available and posted
on the web. Of particular interest to DOE is extending a basic
curricula to include how to use the soon-to-be released EnergyPlus
simulation program in classrooms.

DOE proposes to facilitate development of buildng simulation
curricula through a series of conference calls of interested
simulation educators.  Information, existing curricula, and
newly developed curricula material (documentation, lectures,
etc) will be shared on a common web site.  Conference calls
will begin in Fall 2000--dates/times to be established.  These
conference calls will discuss the most effective way to develop
appropriate documentation for teaching building simulation (and
EnergyPlus).  (DOE will set up the conference calls.)

Interested educators should contact Jeff Haberl (JHaberl at esl.tamu.edu)
at Texas A&M University.  We will then try to arrange the
conference call times to accomodate the majority of educators.
Please include the phrase "EnergyPlus Educator Forum" in the
title to speed the assembly of the list of participants.

Any questions, please contact either Dru Crawley or Jeff Haberl.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dru Crawley

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