[BLDG-SIM] Desiccant system simulations using DOE2.1e

Brian Fountain brian.fountain at energyadvantage.com
Thu Aug 9 11:18:54 PDT 2001

I am modeling a building in DOE2.1e using the add on solid desiccant
dehumidification option.

How do I determine what the part load performance curves that the program is
using for the system?  Pg 3.77 of the 2.1e supplement states that "For the
SOL-VENT-AIR-1 unit, they [the unit's exit temperature, exit humidity ratio,
gas use and auxiliary kW] are obtained from subroutines containing hardwired

Does this mean the curves for this equipment are not changeable?  Do they
reflect actual system operation?

Included in the simulation output is the following info.  How is it

**************DESICCANT DESIGN VALUES *************


 PA    =  0.7200E+04  TPI   =  0.8748E+02  MPI   =  0.5890E+02
 WBPI  =  0.6523E+02  IML   =  0.1067E+02  MCL   =  0.6248E+02
 HE    =  0.8500E+00  FANE  =  0.5000E+00  MOTORE=  0.8500E+00
 HXE   =  0.9000E+00  DELPHX=  0.1000E+01  EVEFFR=  0.8500E+00
 MODE  =           0

TPU   =  0.1596E+03  RBTU  =  0.1599E+06  PAVET =  0.7610E+01
ABVIS =  0.4400E-01  VISCOS=  0.8490E+00  DELPP =  0.1417E+01
PBHP  =  0.3211E+01  PAREA =  0.9000E+01  RAREA =  0.3470E+01
RVEL  =  0.4511E+03  RAVET = -0.3500E+02  DELPR =  0.6757E+00
RBHP =   0.3328E+00  IMR   =  0.1003E+03

PVEL  =  0.8000E+03  TPO   =  0.1027E+03  MPO   =  0.3724E+02
VR    =  0.1565E+04  TRI   =  0.1900E+03  RRBTU =  0.1881E+06
PKW   =  0.2819E+01  RKW   =  0.2921E+00  DKW   =  0.4388E+00
TOTKW =  0.3549E+01  IML1  =  0.1067E+02  IML2  = -0.9491E+01

Many thanks!

Brian Fountain,
Energy Engineer
Energy Advantage Inc.

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