[BLDG-SIM] Weather File Converter?

Spillane, Damien D.Spillane at ldn.cjp.co.uk
Tue Dec 4 04:53:57 PST 2001

Good day all.
We have been trying to manipulate some weather files but are running into
formatting troubles. Specifically, I am trying to convert a TRY file to the
.WEA format.
Is anyone aware of a universal weather converter for, or even a
viewer/editor with which I could manipulate a .WEA file.
Failing that, does anyone have a TRY file for Kew, London in a .WEA format.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks

Damien Spillane
Cundall Johnston & Partners LLP
13-17 Long Lane,
T: 020 7776 5000
D: 020 7776 5093
F: 020 7776 5001 

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