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Gopi Kumar Bulusu bulusu at sankhya.com
Thu Dec 20 22:25:33 PST 2001

1) Announcing Availability of SANKHYA Varadhi - Version 1.1, Beta-4 Release.

(Attached: SANKHYA Varadhi - Version 1.1, Beta-4 Release Announcement)

2) Using Varadhi for Building Energy Simulation, Automation and Analysis:

SANKHYA Varadhi (http://www.sankhya.com/info/varadhi.html) is an Object
Middleware Platform that can be used for creating a distributed system 
that Simulates and/or Manages intelligent buildings without the need for 
centralized control.

 a) A building automation usage scenario is provided at the following location:


 b) Here is an example that demonstrates the use of CORBA in Building 
    Energy Simulation:

Using Varadhi, different entitites that are part of a Building, which 
have to be simulated/analyzed can be treated as objects. For example,
it should be possible to declare a CORBA IDL interface as shown below 
(An example only - a real interface (or set of interfaces) are better 
designed and standardized by a group of domain experts).

 interface window {

  attribute long external_temparature;
  attribute long internal_temparature;

  // Low Tech: Adjust Ventilator; Hi-Tech: Don't know :-)
  void set_conductivity(in long c);

  attribute long internal_luminance;
  attribute long external_luminance;

  // Low Tech: operate blinds. Hi-Tech: Use a polaraid film
  void set_translucence(in long t);



Consider an 'Intelligent Window' that can be configured for optimal 
energy control. Now, a simulation system can use a 'Simulated' Window 
Object that implements the above interface. A 'real' system would use 
an actual intelligent window. Either case, the other objects in the 
system need not know if something is being 'simulated' or if it is real !

Basically, this will allow simulation of parts of a system working together 
with other 'real' parts of the system. As well as provide for a standard 
framework for fitting together 'simulation components' that can be designed 
and implemented by different groups and companies ! These can run on different 
computers, be implemented in different languages and SANKHYA Varadhi 
(possibly along with other ORBs) will take care of such language and 
location details in a standards compliant manner.

For more information contact a Sankhya Technologies Marketing Representative:

    WWW       : http://www.sankhya.com/info/varadhi.html
    E-mail    : varadhi-support at sankhya.com
    Telephone : +91 44 822 7358
    Fax       : +91 44 822 7357

Best Regards,


Gopi Kumar Bulusu
Sankhya Technologies Private Limited
Tel: +91 44 822 7358
Fax: +91 44 822 7357

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Announcing Availability of SANKHYA Varadhi - Version 1.1, Beta-4 Release.

Chennai, India; November 21, 2001

Sankhya Technologies today announced the availability of a free evaluation 
version (Beta4) of its Object Middleware Product -- SANKHYA Varadhi.

SANKHYA Varadhi is an Object Request Broker compliant with OMG's 
CORBA 2.2 (Minimum CORBA). Varadhi provides embedded system developers
a standards-based framework for building and deploying distributed systems.

SANKHYA Varadhi Beta-4 is available for download for evaluation purposes.
A 30-Day free evaluation license including free support during the evaluation
period is available. Visit the following links for additional details:


This release of SANKHYA Varadhi improves on the earlier releases by adding
the following features:

   -> Cross Platform Development Support for PowerPC, MIPS and x86

   -> Enhanced Transport Layer Abstraction including connection caching and
      support for porting to new platforms.

   -> Reduced Memory Footprint. A simple and complete Varadhi client/server for 
      the x86 target takes up just about 100KB of space (code size + data size).

   -> Enhanced OS Layer Abstraction with support for porting to new platforms.

   -> Includes Varadhi Names Beta-2 and an enhanced nsman - Naming Service 
      Manager tool.

   -> Greatly enhanced IDL compiler.

Sankhya Technologies Private Limited is one of India's leading System Software
Development Companies. Sankhya offers System Software Development services,
Contract Research and Development and Platform products for Embedded Systems
Development. The technologies and tools developed by Sankhya are used by
developers worldwide in the development of a wide range of mission critical
Embedded systems including Telecommunications, Networking and Industrial 
Automation. Sankhya is a platform member of the Object Management Group.

SANKHYA, Varadhi and SANKHYA Technologies are Trademarks of Sankhya 
Technologies Private Limited. OMG marks and logos are trademarks or registered 
trademarks, service marks and/or certification marks of Object Management 
Group, Inc., registered in the United States. All other names are property of 
their respective owners.

For more information contact a Sankhya Technologies Marketing Representative:

    Telephone : +91 44 822 7358
    Fax       : +91 44 822 7357
    E-mail    : varadhi-support at sankhya.com

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