[BLDG-SIM] the pic of today :)

Gowri, Krishnan krishnan.gowri at pnl.gov
Tue Jul 10 12:51:32 PDT 2001

Abhijeet's suggestion of qualifying the members added to the mailing list can
avoid the scenario we just experienced.  In addition, I feel that every new
discussion thread should be approved and then open to the list for responses. I
am not sure of the administrative burden this would mean, but definitely
worthwhile to avoid irresponsible use of the mailing list.

Krishnan Gowri, PNNL

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Rather than manually scanning each mail.. it might be easier just to approve
new members through a moderator. That way pranksters would find it more
difficult to get through. (also I think, having a screen to enter the list
itself will act as a damper on the casual prankster like the one today)
Any thoughts?

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From: Jason Glazer [mailto:jglazer at gard.com]
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Subject: [BLDG-SIM] the pic of today :)

Not a virus but simply (rude) junk mail.  The person who 
sent it subscribed to the mailing list, sent the 
advertisement, and unsubscribed all in the span of a few 
minutes.  I can't think of any way to avoid this problem 
other than act as a moderator for the list.  That would be 
a manual approval of all e-mails sent to the list prior to 
them being posted.  I would rather not do that unless it 
becomes more of a problem.  Opinions?


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