[BLDG-SIM] New International Weather Files from ASHRAE

Drury.Crawley at ee.doe.gov Drury.Crawley at ee.doe.gov
Mon May 21 20:35:09 PDT 2001

Under research project RP-1015, ASHRAE TC 4.2
has recently completed development of 227 weather
files for energy calculations for international locations--
IWEC (International Weather for Energy Calculations).

The 227 locations are outside the US and Canada
which already have similar data--TMY2 (239 locations)
and CWEC (40+ locations), respectively.  The data format
is an extension of the TMY2 format--with minor changes.

Attached is an excerpt from the final report containing
a list of the locations by country.

A CD-ROM containing the data along with the report
may be available from ASHRAE as soon as the
Annual Meeting late next month in Cincinnati.

(See attached file: IWEC excerpts.PDF)

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