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And another.


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You have probably already seen emails or other notices that
EnergyPlus Version 1.0 is available for download at


If you have a beta copy, we encourage you to download
Version 1.0.  We no longer are supporting the beta versions.

All the TMY2 weather files have been processed into
EnergyPlus format and should be available for download from
the web site in the next several weeks (currently 15 files
are available). We plan to have a training workshop later
this summer for developers and in early fall for users.  We
plan a half-day workshop just before the ASHRAE meeting in
June (more on that later). We also plan to set up a users
email list and bulletin board by early next month.

There is an amazing amount of interest in EnergyPlus--more
than 1500 people participated in beta testing.  Since
EnergyPlus was released two weeks ago, over 500 people have
already registered their copies of EnergyPlus Version 1.0.


The EnergyPlus Development, Testing, and Support Team

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