[BLDG-SIM] Admin> Mailing list problems

Jason Glazer jglazer at gard.com
Thu May 3 10:59:51 PDT 2001

Mailing List Members,

I shut down the BLDG-SIM mailing list about a month ago 
because of problems with our internet connection.  My last 
message telling about that problem caused another problem 
called a "mail loop" which resulted in most of you 
receiving multiple copies of the message.  Our connection 
is still using a standard modem but it appears to be 
working consistently.  

I have tried to reconfigure the mail server software to 
prevent any mail loops from happening again and have tested 
it some on a "dummy" mailing list and some other smaller 
active lists but I won't know for sure until I try this 
message.  Sorry you all have to be guinea pigs.   

If you only receive one copy of this message than the BLDG-
SIM mailing list is working again and you can ask all of 
your questions about building simulation software that you 
have been waiting to ask.  

On the other hand, if you receive multiple copies of this 
message, obviously I don't have things completely working 
yet and I will shut down the list again until I have 
another idea on how to fix it.

Thanks for your continued patience,


Jason Glazer, P.E.  mailto:jglazer at gard.com  847 698 5686
GARD Analytics - http://www.gard.com/
Building Energy Simulation and Analysis
List Administrator for 90.1, GPC18 and BLDG-SIM

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