[Bldg-sim] double-skin facade modelling with Power-DOE

Gülsu Ulukavak gulsu at mmf.gazi.edu.tr
Thu Aug 1 02:25:03 PDT 2002


I am trying to model a ventilated double-skin facade with Power-DOE. Should I define it as a layer of facade construction or the air gap of the skin should be considered as a plenum space? Also how can I identify the construction of outer skin if it is a plenum?

One more and a general question:
If I would like to model and examine the performance of a building with a complex facade organisation (for example; like BRE building's facade with its ventilation shafts),
 is it possible with Power-DOE?
I mean that is it possible to analyse the passive performance of the facade and evaluate its effects to whole building performance with Power-DOE? 

Thank You.

Gulsu Ulukavak
Arastirma Gorevlisi____Research Assistant
Mimarlik Bolumu______Dept. of Architecture
tel. 90 312 2317400/2609
fax. 90 312 2308434

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