[bldg-sim] IFC implementations - HVAC software

Vladimir Bazjanac v_bazjanac at lbl.gov
Fri Dec 20 08:23:54 PST 2002

IFC HVAC definitions have been extended to support exchange among design
and simulation applications.  The integration of the HVAC extension
schemata with the IFC core model is in progress right now; the new
version of the IFC data model (IFC2x2) that will include these
extensions will be released in May 2003.  Software implementation of the
new IFC2x2 model (based on the beta release) can start three months from
now.  LBNL plans to follow that schedule and develop a comprehensive
IFC2x2 interface to EnergyPlus that will implement the new IFC HVAC

The extended IFC HVAC model includes more than most HVAC and/or related
applications need to implement individually.  HVAC and related
developers need to agree which definitions need to be implemented by
*all* implementations, and which need not be implemented at all.  In
addition, they need to agree how to commonly implement abstract concepts
such as relationships, systems, groups, etc., to facilitate meaningful
data exchange.  In other words, there is a need to formulate
implementers' agreements for HVAC applications, similar to what IAI CAD
developers have done for their IFC implementations.

HVAC implementers' agreements will provide the basis for HVAC data
exchange among more than just HVAC applications.  Critical application
developers from other related industry disciplines that also use HVAC
data (such as cost estimating, CAD, construction management, project
management and facilities management) will also participate in the
forging of HVAC implementers' agreements.

The initial IFC HVAC implementers meeting to start the formulation of
these implementers' agreements was held in Washington, DC on December
13.  All key stakeholders participated in the meeting either in person
or via a virtual link.  These included representatives of the major
North American HVAC design software houses (such as Carrier, Trane and
Wrightsoft) and related disciplines (such as Timberline for cost
estimating), as well as representatives of the U.S. government that are
engaged in the development of HVAC related software.  Also attending
were representatives from Olof Granlund from Finland.

The formulation of IFC HVAC implementers' agreements will continue via
virtual meetings: Beginning in January 2003 LBNL will host bi-weekly
teleconferences and NetMeetings.  These teleconferences will be free of
cost to the participants.  The first of such teleconferences will take
place on Wednesday, January 8 at 15:00 GMT.  If you are interested in
participating in the teleconference, please contact v_bazjanac at lbl.gov
by Friday, December 3 to receive dial in instructions.

An IFC HVAC implementers two-day workshop will be held (at a location to
be determined) later in January or early in February; we will solicit
suggestions on the place and time of this workshop from potential
participants.  The objective of the workshop will be to explain the HVAC
schemata in IFC2x2 in detail to HVAC software developers.  The goal is
to forge a basis for consensus about implementers' agreements by March,
so that implementations can start on time.

Everyone with an interest in the implementation of the IFC HVAC schemata
is invited to join this effort.  Materials from the December 13 meeting
are posted on the BS-8 web site at
additional materials will be added as they are developed.  We are
looking forward to your participation in this effort. 

-- Vlado Bazjanac, LBNL

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