[BLDG-SIM] Response to my posting on "Are there publicly available schedules for ASHRAE 90.1 calculations ?"

Joe Huang YJHuang at lbl.gov
Thu Dec 11 17:38:24 PST 2003

I received 12 responses to my posting yesterday on the availability of ASHRAE 90.1 schedules. Since almost all of them were sent directly to me, I want to summarize for the other readers of BLDG-SIM what I learned:

1. To my surprise, I learned that post-1999 versions of ASHRAE 90.1 no longer require the use of default schedules for internal conditions, with the only caveat that the same schedules for lights, internal gains, occupancy, etc., are used consistently in the simulations for the reference and the designed building. This suits me fine, since I have already defined schedules for the demonstration building that are probably more representative of typical office conditions in China than those in the 1999 and previous versions of ASHRAE 90.1

2. For those still interested in the old, i.e.,  1989,  ASHRAE 90.1 default schedules, these are available from several sources :  (1) in EnergyPlus format in the data sets released with the EnergyPlus program, (2) in VisualDOE (don't know how extractable), (3) in COMCheck (please contact LIU, Bing at PNNL for details  Bing.liu at pnl.gov).


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