[BLDG-SIM] Determination of Boiler System Losses and Efficiencies

Vic Hanby vhanby at dmu.ac.uk
Tue Dec 2 02:11:55 PST 2003


Five or six years ago we developed a (gas and oil-fired) boiler model that had 
detailed combustion and heat transfer modelling. It needed geometrical 
information that was generally available from manufacturers and was validated 
against an extensive testing programme at BSRIA in the UK. It's more focused on 
modelling specific boilers and needs less empirical coefficients than the 
Primary Toolkit model and was written up in HVAC&R 3(2) 1997.

The original code was wrapped into a TRNSYS Type and therefore could be combined 
with a load circuit and controls to simulate long term operation. The researcher 
who worked on this with me left some while ago, and I haven't done much with the 
code since. It may be possible to dust this off if there was enough interest: it 
would certainly be capable of addressing all four of the issues. The original 
work was funded by a UK Research Council.


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