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        January 26, 2003


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     Developers of “ENERGY-10” for Architects Select GeoPraxis' Green
Building XML Schema for New Data Structure

            Open Source Schema Gaining Momentum with Green Building Software

             (IW)(CA-GEOPRAXIS) San Francisco, Calif., January 26, 2002
/ --GeoPraxis, Inc. announced today that the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory, developers of the award-winning design tool for architects,
ENERGY-10, are planning to base future development on the open source Green
Building XML (gbXML) schema originally developed by GeoPraxis.

            A PC-based building energy simulation tool, ENERGY-10 helps
architects and building designers quickly identify the most cost-effective,
energy-saving design alternatives for commercial and residential buildings
up to 10,000 sq. ft. Energy-10 is specifically designed to help evaluate
energy-efficient green building features in the very early stages of the
design process.

            Douglas Balcomb, Research Fellow at the National Renewable
Energy Lab, said, “After reviewing the various data structure options that
are available for representing both building geometry and energy-related
characteristics, we have decided that gbXML is the best near-term approach
to bridge between several simulation options and new multi-zone capabilities
under development for the Energy-10 building energy analysis package."

            The gbXML schema was developed by GeoPraxis to facilitate the
transfer of building information stored in CAD models that is essential to
designing resource efficient buildings. XML, extensible markup language, is
a type of computer language that allows software programs to share
information with little or no human interaction.

            John Kennedy, President of GeoPraxis, said, “NREL’s decision
confirms that gbXML is an ideal method for storing all the data, including
3D geometry, required to build a highly accurate energy simulation model.
This vote of confidence signals to our commercial software partners that our
simple, market-oriented approach also satisfies the needs of a recognized
leader in the energy simulation research community.”

            For Information on Energy-10: www.nrel.gov/buildings/energy10

            For Information on gbXML: www.gbXML.org

            About GeoPraxis

            GeoPraxis, Inc. is the innovation leader in the use,
development, and integration of building energy simulation analysis tools
and web-based solutions. GeoPraxis combines expertise in energy engineering,
market research, and software development to meet the rigorous research,
development and information technology needs of some of the most
sophisticated resource companies, research organizations, and policy-making
bodies in the world. GeoPraxis excels in developing partnerships to
commercialize energy efficiency technology solutions across a variety of


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