[BLDG-SIM] Variable Speed Exhaust

Aulbach, John JAulbach at semprasolutions.com
Fri Jan 3 11:54:33 PST 2003

Got an idea, but it needs further research. I run DOE-2.1E, and PoweDOE is
2.2, but everything in my version carries forward in intent and philosophy
into 2.2.

Chose a SYSTEM (or whatever PowerDOE calls a SYSTEM) that is a VAV system
that allows a RETURN-AIR fan. Make that SYSTEM 100% outside air. Therefore
both SUPPLY and RETURN FANS are variable flow, and the RETURN FAN
essentially becomes an EXHAUST or RELIEF fan.

You then need to tell the fans what controls their speed, which could be
temperature, or a schedule for usage (occupied/unoccupied, etc). If your
kitchen SUPPLY fan actually exists, it will have a variable flow over its
coils. If all air is entrained into the space (NO SUPPLY FAN), simply set
the KW/CFM to zero and any coils it contains to ZERO btu capacity to negate
any energy usage from a SUPPLY FAN.

By the way, I believe PowerDOE will give you, in the raw DOE2 reports, all
fans individually by SYSTEM consumption. The RETURN FAN will be your EXHAUST

I believe this will give you a variable speed exhaust. I would like my
colleagues in DOE2 cyberspace to confirm my suspicions. Jeff Hirsch, Jeff
Haberl, and other lofty scholars, do you think this will give this gentleman
his answer?

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Hi all:
  I'm trying to model a variable speed exhaust fan in a kitchen for a large
hotel in PowerDOE.  I'm not sure how to go about it.  If anyone could give
me some ideas, or if anyone has done this before, I would appreciate it.
Thank you.
John Carioto

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