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To ALL Interested Parties:

In February, a very interesting exchange of ideas occurred on BLDG-SIM at gard.com regarding the limited use of building energy simulation in the early design stages,  thoughts on why its limited,  and what might be done to increase the use of simulations in the early stage of design.  For those who did not see this exchange or would like to refresh their recollection of this, a compilation of these e-mails is found in the attached Word file.  

As the Chair of the Applications Subcommittee of ASHRAE TC 4.7- Energy Calculations, I would like to invite anyone and everyone interested in this subject to attend our next TC 4.7 Applications Subcommittee Meeting which will be held on July 1, 2003 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m.. in Kansas City, Missouri, as part of the ASHRAE Summer Meeting.  (See the meeting program for the meeting location).

The subject to Getting the Design Team to Use Energy Simulation from the start of Design Process will be our main topic of discussion.  The purpose of this will be to continue this exchange of ideas and from there to create actionable items which will then be implemented.  

In some ways we've already started approaching this item.  At the Winter ASHRAE Meeting in Chicago, January 2003,  we presented a Seminar entitled "Getting Started with Building Simulation"  which was chaired by Chip Barnaby.  The four talks were an excellent presentation of "what is energy simulation", "why would I want to do it" and "what's available for doing it".  The third presentation - Allan Daly's presentation of "Using Building Simulation to Life-Cycle Cost Optimize HVAC System Design at UC Merced"  is a case study of project which actually did use simulation in the very early design stages.  Copies of the PowerPoints from each of these four presentations are available to download at the ASHRAE web site (www.ashrae.org ).  From the homepage, click on "ASHRAE Activities", then Technical Committees, then TC 4.7, then Programs.  Scroll down about a third of the page to previously presented programs.  The seminar was one of the best attended TC 4.7 presentations in recent history (standing room only) which shows that a lot of interest is there, we just need to do a good job of tapping into it.  

We welcome the opportunity to broaden the discussion and to broaden the participation.  ASHRAE, with its 55,000 world wide members,  Winter and Summer meetings with 2,500 to 3,500 technical program registrants, and over 160 local chapters,  can provide an effective venue for reaching the building design community.  Our successful "Getting Started with Building Simulation" seminar in Chicago and the ASHRAE Profession Development Session on Building Simulation which is now under development is only a start.  There is much, much more which could and should be done - and we welcome your ideas and involvement.

Some of our previous work identified the need for a good basic treatise on what building simulation is, what programs are available, who to contact, etc.  As we research that subject, we were pleased to learn that some excellent sources already existed and/or were nearing completion.  Let me appraise you of them so those who are interested can get a good overview of what is currently available in the building simulation (not just HVAC) arena.  The Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute (the research arm of ARI) has available on its web site an report appropriately titled "State-of-the-Art Review, Whole-Building and Bulling Envelope Simulation and Design Tools"  It available at www.arti-21cr.org   There is also a companion report which focuses specifically on HVAC Component and System Simulation.   For specific cost and who to contact information on over 250 energy estimating programs, including most of the simulations DOE maintains a very comprehensive website at www.energytoolsdirectory.gov 

To help us plan a most productive session, I would appreciate your ideas on what you see as:

    1.    The most important or critical items that we need to discuss and try to reach consensus in our meeting at Kansas City.

    2.    The most important actions or programs our committee should be implementing in the short term (6 to 18 months)

    3.    The most important actions or programs our committee should get ASHRAE to implement in the longer term (1 to 5 years)  This could well include research projects.

For those who will be unable to join us in Kansas City, I invite you to share your ideas via the BLDG-SIM at gard.com list server.  I would ask that you post those ideas by June 20th as my travel schedule will make it difficult for me to print out material to distribute at the Kansas City meeting after that date.


Jim Willson
Chair, TC 4.7 Applications Subcommittee

James K. Willson PE
WILLSON Performance Engineering, LLC
129 Maple Crest Drive
Carmel, IN  46033
Phone: 317-506-1156
FAX:    317-582-0549

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