[BLDG-SIM] LEED / ASHRAE 90.1 Modeling Question

Marcus Sheffer sheffer at paonline.com
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I'd suggest you review the CIRs more closely.  DCV has been approved as an 
energy saving measure and you can modify schedules to simulate 
savings.  You must follow the Exceptional Calculation Method (section 11.5) 
of the Energy Cost Budget Method of 90.1.

At 10:14 AM 06/02/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>We are currently working on our first LEED certification project.  We use 
>PowerDOE as a modeling tool, but these questions should apply to all 
>modeling platforms.
>The LEED process requires modeling practices to follow those outlined in 
>the ASHRAE 90.1 Standard User's Manual.  The standard does not allow for 
>the augmentation of schedules to model efficiency measures.  This is a 
>problem for us in that we often use schedules to simulate measures such as 
>lighting occupancy sensors and demand controlled ventilation.
>-For lighting occupancy sensors, we adjust our known office schedules 
>using a profile taken from the JIES (I'm afraid I don't have the specific 
>source in front of me).
>-For demand controlled ventilation, we develop an hourly outside air 
>Fraction of Design schedule for each AHU using known occupancy schedules 
>and an assumption of 20 CFM per occupant.
>To us, both of these methods seem to be accepted modeling practice for 
>determining measure performance.  However, as stated pretty explicitly in 
>the archived credit interpretation requests (CIRs) on the LEED site, LEED 
>won't allow for the adjustment of schedules to simulate these 
>measures.  Does anyone have a method (or insight into developing a method) 
>for either of these calculations in a manner that would be acceptable for 
>the LEED process?
>Many thanks in advance for your responses.
>Wade McLaughlin
>450 Lexington St.
>Newton, MA  02466
>p 617-527-1525 x103
>f  617-527-6606
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