[bldg-sim] Integrated air distribution system

Mark E. Case mcase at etcgrp.com
Thu Sep 11 09:33:55 PDT 2003

I'm looking for information on structurally integrated air distribution
systems (for want of a better term). I seem to remember reference to a
building that had the air distribution integrated into the floor slab at
one of JE Braun's presentations on building mass thermal storage. The
idea was to more effectively couple the air system with the building's
thermal mass. I know some related work has been done with raised floor
systems over concrete slabs but that's not really what I'm thinking of. 

I opened my big mouth at a design concept meeting for a local green
project, the architect thought WOW!, and now the engineer wants some
references.  Imagine that.
Any references would be appreciated. 

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