[BLDG-SIM] comments on Mac version of EnergyPlus

Jon Hand jon at esru.strath.ac.uk
Wed Aug 25 02:13:16 PDT 2004

RE: Mac version of EnergyPlus

I got my Mac version of EnergyPlus via Linda Lawrie. I didn't find
the magic location on the web site. 

The Mac version uses an installation process which is Mac-like. It
would appear to genereate the same 'results'. It includes a
script that starts up a terminal window with the correct environment
variables setup for executing runs.

It is somewhat restricted in that it will take an IDF file or macro file
as input. There is no IDF editor and neither is there
a way (yet) to generate DXF output. Occasional access to
a PC is assumed for model creation and QA tasks.

I was using it to test the generation of EnergyPlus models from the ESP-r 
simulation suite (so working in a terminal was sufficient and the audit
and error file streams are fully functional in the Mac version).

It makes for better code when alternative compilers are used.
And why shouldn't practitioners use the tools they need on a 
computing infrastructure that they are confortable with. So lets
keep the pressure up for continued support of simulaton on
Linux and Mac!

Regards, Jon Hand
Energy Simulation Research Group, Glasgow

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