[bldg-sim] eQUEST in SI and CALENER

John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 21 09:38:23 PST 2004

Dear Samuel,

I have taken several eQuest classes in Southern
California, USA from Marlin Addison, a major developer
of eQuest(Marlin.Addison at doe2.com, I believe). He has
mentioned the CALENER program several times. I am lead
to believe it is an eQuest type of program. But
contact Marlin for developmental details.

I continue to be amazed as to how international DOE2
has gone.

By the way, DOE-2.1E could ALWAYS do Metric Units, and
I believe DOE-2.2 is the same. DOE-2.2 is the "engine"
for eQuest, you may already know.

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