[BLDG-SIM] MSc course Energy and Sustainable Building Design

Simon Rees sjrees at dmu.ac.uk
Fri Feb 6 03:28:32 PST 2004

The Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort
University (UK, www.iesd.dmu.ac.uk) is considering offering a new MSc
course 'Energy and Sustainable Building Design'. We are trying to gauge
interest in such a course.

The new MSc course would have a focus on sustainable approaches to
design and will have an emphasis on computer simulation techniques
applied to the design of sustainable buildings (airflow, daylight and
energy modelling).

The topics in the new course would be:
  Energy in Buildings (introductory),
  Sustainable Development,
  Renewable Energy,
  Research Methods,
  Energy Analysis Techniques (urban context),
  Airflow and Ventilation modelling,
  Climate and Daylighting analysis,
  Energy and Thermal Performance,
  And will include a Design Project.

Study may be full time (1 year), part time (2 years) or distance
learning (3 years). The course is proposed to be assessed by coursework
only and would not require attendance in the UK when studying by
distance learning.

We would like to ask you:
Do you think there is a need for a course with this scope?
Yes [  ]
No  [  ]

If you were considering an MSc, would you consider this course?
Yes [  ]
No  [  ]

Would this appeal to your colleagues?
Yes [  ]
No  [  ]

Would your employer find such a course useful?
Yes [  ]
No  [  ]

Please return this message to myself or iesd at dmu.ac.uk with 'X' marked
in the [] boxes above. Comments and suggestions are also welcome. 

Thank you for taking time to read this message. Apologies for cross
posting. The institute's web site is at www.iesd.dmu.ac.uk The
University web site is www.dmu.ac.uk 

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