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Jeff Thornton thornton at tess-inc.com
Tue Feb 10 09:49:37 PST 2004

At 11:16 AM 2/6/2004 +0100, Daniel Mugnier wrote to the BLDG-SIM list:

>Working on a solar hot water system, I have the project to manage the 
>back-up use according to some external & evolutive conditions (solar 
>irradiation, load profile of the last days & hours, atmospheric pressure...).
>  A special algorithm (fuzzy logic) will be used with several equations, 
> using values from the inputs (instantenous and older), to preventively 
> start & stop the back up.
>I would like to know whether a good idea is to model this controller with 
>TRNSYS 15 using the TYPE 66 and the EES solver or to use any other way 
>such as the "Delayed inputs controller" (taken from HVAC library (TESS)) ???


While you could use the TRNSYS/EES connection and/or the TESS delayed input 
controller, I would strongly recommend that you write your own component to 
model your fuzzy controller.  It's easy to add your own models to TRNSYS 
and in this way the controller does EXACTLY what you need it to do.  You 
could pass in the solar radiation, load profile, atmospheric pressure, and 
store any values you need from previous timesteps for your 
algorithm.  Refer to the source code of relevant components for hints and 
ideas on your model.

Good luck,


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