[BLDG-SIM] equest/DOE: loads not met

"Bédard, Simon" sbedard at bpa.ca
Wed Jan 21 09:28:08 PST 2004

We are modeling an office building under Equest 3.4/DOE 2.2. The outside air is preheated at 55F and is supplied to the main VAV systems via a dedicated system. The program seems to understand adequately the loads and sizes the systems correctly. 
During the year, we are getting a large amount of "load not met" hours in the internal zones, even though there are enough cfm to cool the total loads for the zones at the wanted supply temperature (these total loads for the zones and supply temperatures were obtained with an hourly report). The dedicated outside air system seems to work well when we are calculating manually the outside air mix with the return. We did try to oversize the cfm and cooling capacities, and the loads not met dissapear. But why oversizing the cfms when they were adequately sized according to the peak loads ?
My questions are : Do you understand what is happening & how does DOE calculates the load not met ?
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Thanks for your support ! 
Simon Bédard, ing. jr
Bouthillette Parizeau & Ass.
T. (514) 383-3747  ext. 217
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sbedard at bpa.ca

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