[BLDG-SIM] GeoPraxis Announces the "Green Building Studio" Web Service Beta Program

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GeoPraxis Announces Beta Program Release of "Green BuildingDear Colleagues,
This exciting announcement may be of interest to you. Please go to
www.greenbuildingstudio.com if you are interested in participating in the
beta testing of Green Building Studio.

Best Regards,
Marjorie Stein
Research Analyst, LEED(tm) Accredited Professional
GeoPraxis, Inc.
205 Keller Street, Suite 202
Petaluma, CA 94952-2886
Phone (707) 766-7010
Fax (707) 766-7014
mstein at geopraxis.com

For Immediate Release

Contact James McCray – Chief Operating Officer - GeoPraxis, Inc.


jmccray at geopraxis.com

GeoPraxis Announces the "Green Building StudioTM" Web Service Beta Program

Green Building StudioTM brings immediate building energy performance and
targeted equipment information for Architects and Designers using 3D-CAD at
the earliest conceptual design stage.

San Francisco, CA. -- Jan 14, 2004 -- GeoPraxis, an architectural,
engineering and construction software company, today announced the beta
release of Green Building Studio, the industry's first web service for
energy analysis.  Green Building Studio (GBS) streamlines the design of
green buildings, seamlessly linking architectural 3-D CAD building designs
with energy analysis.  GBS enables architects to immediately understand the
operational and energy implications of early design decisions using Green
Building XML (gbXML) based connectors for AutoDesk’s Architectural Desktop
and Graphisoft's ArchiCAD.  Architects and building designers can
participate in the GBS beta program for free, beginning January 14, 2004.
The GBS web-service is expected to be generally available in early 2004.

"GBS will significantly accelerate the incorporation of energy efficient and
sustainable technologies into new and retrofit buildings.  The GBS
web-service is based on R&D funded by the California Energy Commission and
leading Utilities," said John Kennedy, President and CTO of GeoPraxis.  "The
GBS beta program lets the design community access the GBS web service for
the first time.  User feedback will help fine tune the linkages between
Architectural Desktop and ArchiCAD.  The beta program will provide feedback
on technologies that for the first time link early design decisions with
precisely targeted, relevant equipment and vendor information. This
represents a huge breakthrough for the building design industry,
leapfrogging other information services.”

GBS web service drives significant time and cost out of building design and
lifecycle management processes.  Major benefits include:

·        It's Free, and saves thousands of dollars in advanced Green
Building analyses.

      ·        Reduced design costs, allowing more design options to be
explored within budget.

      ·        Compression of early design time, speeding project time to

      ·        Acceleration of Green Building “LEED” Compliance Analysis.

      ·         Identify relevant products necessary for early building
designs decisions.

GBS automatically generates geometrically accurate, detailed input files for
major energy simulation programs.  GBS currently uses the DOE-2.2 simulation
engine and will provide geometrically accurate input files for EnergyPlus
simulation software.

To participate in the beta, you can sign up over the web at
http://www.greenbuildingstudio.com.  Participation in the beta program is
free of charge.  A simple beta test non-disclosure agreement is required.
Participants selected will be notified by GeoPraxis and are required to
provide feedback to the developers.  The beta program will run from early
January until March 30th, 2004.

About GeoPraxis
GeoPraxis, Inc., an architectural, engineering and construction software
company, is the industry leader in the development and implementation of
building energy analysis tools and web-based solutions.  With the release of
Green Building Studio, GeoPraxis is pioneering integration with
architectural 3D-CAD programs using gbXML.  Please contact GeoPraxis' COO,
James McCray for assistance at 1-707-766-7010,  jmccray at geopraxis.com.

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