David Lanceta dlanceta at mafalda.cps.unizar.es
Tue Jan 13 10:56:11 PST 2004

Dear colleagues

I´m using eQUEST to simulate the energy demand of some buildings for few months. Now I´m trying with a kind of shopping mall. In the results, it can be seen that the building needs cooling during all the year, even in winter. This makes sense to me because the ilumination load is huge but my question is:

1º Can eQUEST take advantage of the outside temperature (in winter) to save energy for cooling? I think this is called free-cooling but I don´t know it is an usual process or if it´s profitable, where can I find good information about free-cooling?  

and another question not related is

2º In eQUEST menu "building envelope constructions" I would like to know which are the exact meaning of the numbers in expressions like "metal frame, 2x6, 24 in. o.c." ¿where can I found an image?

3º Does anybody know if it´s a good idea using the construction intelligent default of eQUEST for European buildings?  

Thank you all

David Lanceta 
Área de Mecánica de Fluidos
Centro Politécnico Superior
Universidad de Zaragoza
María de Luna 3, tel (0034)9761000 ext 5044

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